Call for Proposals

Requirements: Presenters must be currently enrolled at the time of the conference in any Californian graduate music program. Presenters and composers are required to be in attendance.

The conference proceedings and abstracts will be issued in a digital publication sponsored by the University of California, Santa Cruz Music Department.

Submission Deadline [Extended]: Friday, March 13, 2015 at 11:59pm PDT

Date of Conference: May 9, 2015

Presentation Options:

We welcome presentations on a wide range of musical topics, and from any discipline of graduate study in music. Graduates are invited to present their independent research through three different presentation methods: paper/oral presentations, lecture recitals, and call for scores.

  1. Paper/Oral Presentations: 20 minutes (includes set up and tear down) lecture-style presentation.
  2. Lecture Recitals: 20 minutes (set up and tear down included).
  3. Call of Scores: Submit scores for a 12 minutes maximum work (see guidelines for details).

 I. Paper/Oral Presentations Guidelines: 

Submissions should consist of an abstract of no more than 250 words detailing your independent research. Presentations should be limited to 20 minute maximum (set-up and tear-down included within the allotted time) and presented in a lecture-style format (reading strictly from a paper is discouraged).

  1. Submit abstract electronically as a .pdf labeled as: LastnameFirstname_Title_2015Eureka_presentation.pdf. Please include: name, university, email and phone number, and graduate status (M.A./Ph.D./ABD).

Submit proposals to by February 13, 2015 11:59pm PDT.

Questions regarding paper/oral submissions, please email Elisse La Barre (UCSC) at


II. Lecture-Recital Submission Guidelines:

Proposals for lecture-recitals of music on any and all topics are welcome. Lecture-recitals are 20 minutes in length (set-up and tear-down included within the allotted time) and requires a 2-part application:

1. Submit a 100-word proposal with: name, university, email and phone number, and graduate status (M.A./Ph.D./ABD), proposal title, format, and area of specialty, list of required equipment (any special needs e.g., music stand, piano, A/V), and list of all personnel involved in the presentation. Proposal submissions must be submitted electronically as a .pdf labeled as: LastnameFirstname_Title_2015Eureka_recital.pdf.

2. Submit a 3-5 minute mp3 recording of the performer(s) to demonstrate proficiency. While it is encouraged to include your performance of the proposed piece, it may not be possible; in that case the example should be of a comparable style or from a similar historical period. Audio files must be prepared as a single mp3 file: LastnameFirstname_2015Eureka_recital.mp3.

Submit proposals to by February 13, 2015 11:59pm PDT. Questions regarding Lecture-Recitals can be sent to Maria-Isabel Ruiz-Velasco (CGU) at


III. Call for Scores

There are three options for the Call for Scores:

  1. Composers are invited to submit one piece for 1-5 performers. Preference is given to those composers who provide their own performers. Available instruments include:
    • 2 acoustic/electric guitars
    • 1 tenor sax
    • 1 trombone
    • percussion
    • piano
    • soprano voice.
  2. Composers may also submit a piece for the Amaranth String Quartet. They welcome various instrumentation options within the quartet (duos, trios, and solos).
  3. Installations, Fixed Media and/or Live-Electronics, Video, and Electro-Acoustic/Acoustic works will be considered. The submitted work must not exceed 12 minutes.

Submission Guidelines:

1. Submit a .pdf document including: name, university, graduate status (M.A./Ph.D./ABD), title of submitted work, instrumentation, duration, and a list of required equipment (if applicable).

2. Score: for submissions involving a score, please submit a .pdf version of the score. Score submissions must be labeled as: LastnameFirstname_Title_2015Eureka_score.pdf.

3. Audio Files: submissions should include an audio recording of the work. A MIDI rendition is acceptable. Installations may be represented by an excerpted recording not to exceed 12 minutes in length. Multichannel works will be judged from a stereo mix as well as an mp3. Audio files must be prepared as a single mp3. LastnameFirstname_2015Eureka_score audio.mp3.

4. For works involving video, please provide an active link or create an attachment to send to: Label attachment as:  LastnameFirstname_2015Eureka_video.mp3.


Please email all materials, in a single email, to by February 13, 2015 11:59pm PDT. Questions regarding composition submissions can be sent to Leslie La Barre (CGU) at